Justice for Savannah Cross.

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Justice for Savannah Cross.

NOTE: This is a Support event to raise more awareness so others may see what is going and and hopefully join this so we may put pressure on them to reopen the case. Please share this event with all of your friends thank you.

Charges have been dropped against a couple who ran an in-house daycare business where a 2-year-old girl died almost a year ago.

Ryan Reed, 27, and 28-year-old Allison Clements were facing felony child-abuse charges after admitting to hurting Savannah Cross, several times.

But the case ran up against a legal deadline because there weren’t enough resources in the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office, and the Maricopa County Superior Court dropped the charges.

Lab results aren’t finished and the final report isn’t done so, the charges were dropped and the couple were ordered released from jail.

But, since the court dropped the charges without prejudice, the charges can be re-filed.

PETITION:- https://www.change.org/petitions/all-…

SUPPORT PAGE:- https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForSava…

JOIN THE EVENT HERE:- https://www.facebook.com/events/5663119…


The Governor of AZ
The AZ State Senate
The AZ State House
Maricopa County Superior Court, Maricopa County Superior Court
This is a petition directed towards the Maricopa County Superior Court, Arizona Governor Janice Brewer, and District Attorney Bill Montgomery.

1: The initial goal of this petition is to have charges laid for the second time against Ryan Reed, and Allison Clements of Phoenix Arizona who in December 2012 assaulted 2 year old Savannah Cross and caused fatal injuries to the child.

Beyond just…



1) SIGN AND SPREAD: online petition —-> http://www.change.org/petitions/all-…

2) CONACT the Maricopa County Medical Examiners Office:

Maricopa County Medical Examiner
Forensic Science Center
701 West Jefferson
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Ph: 602-506-3322
Fax: 602-506-1546 <<<<<<<<>> http://www.maricopacountyattorney.org/contact-us.html Online complaint form!!

Maricopa County Attorney’s Office
Bill Montegomery
301 West Jefferson Street, Suite 800
Phoenix, AZ 85003
Phone: (602) 506-3411
Fax: 602-506-1546 <<<<<<<<>
Prosecutor Marischa Gilla gillam@mcao.maricopa.gov

1 That the suspects in the death of Savannah are re-arrested, and that charges against Ryan Reed and Allison Clements be re-filed

2 That greater resources, or a diversion of personnel to assist in the investigation be provided to the Medical Examiners office, in order to give justice to poor little girl who is no longer with us
3 That there be an independent investigation from outside Maricopa County into why the Medical Examiners office failed to complete an investigation into such a horrific crime.

4 That there be an investigation into the mother Ashley as to why she left her daughter with these people for such long periods essentially abandoning her child

####### FAXING TOOLS ##########

While a personal letter or phone call is always powerful so is a fax message. This link will take you to a website where from the comfort of your home and within in minutes you can speak out and be heard.

http://faxzero.com/ You can fake an email address for sender.

http://www.myfax.com/free/ Free trial offer


In the name of Anonymous and for the sake of the young life of Savannah Cross we thank you for your effort and any all assistance. Each voice is important for Savannah has lost hers.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.


As #OpJustice4Savannah and @Op4Savannah continue to fight for justice of the death of the precious child Savannah Cross we ask your assistance in demanding the re-filing of charges against her admitted abusers Ryan Alan Reed and Allison Ann Clement and as well as investigation into her neglectful mother Ashley Livengood.


Greetings. We are Anonymous.

On December 12, 2012, Savannah Cross, 2, of Phoenix Arizona,was brutally abused for the last time and died because of the direct abuse and neglect of at least three individuals who must be held fully accountable. Formally accused in this matter were Ryan Reed and Allison Clement. Not accused, but equally culpable in the eyes of Anonymous, is Savannah’s mother Ashley Dattoli Livengood.

According to the Maricopa County Attorney, Ryan Reed beat or stomped this beautiful baby to death while his companion, Allison Clement, watched his repeated abuse and took no action. Reed has admitted this to police, guilt is not in doubt. In the eyes of civilized people across the World this is unforgivable. It should also be noted that the child had been left in their “care” for weeks on end by Ashley Livengood while she worked as a stripper and escort. Reed and Clement were promptly and properly arrested and were held in jail until September 23, 2013 when all charges were dropped.

Charges dropped?

Indeed, charges were dropped due to Arizona “Rule 8” a law designed to ensure accused persons receive a speedy trial. They were dropped because the Maricopa County Medical Examiner had not completed vital testing and the autopsy report within the allotted time within the boundaries of Rule 8. In fact, they failed to submit evidence to the testing laboratory until just recently. Anonymous rejects the fact that the County Attorney must adhere to Rule 8 while the Medical Examiner is under no obligation to do so.

Anonymous and the Cross family wish to thank the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Phoenix Police Homicide Division, all first responders, and the Maricopa County Attorney’s office for a job well done. We stand fully in support of each of you. Our opinion of the Medical Examiner’s office differs slightly.

Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office; you now have our attention. It is clear that you have sat on this case in order to try and boost your budget. Anonymous, the people of Arizona, and the people of the World reject this tactic. It is on you to ensure that this evidence is now processed promptly and correctly so that these monsters may be recharged. Put simply, do your job. We are watching you. Fail and you may expect us.

Anonymous has learned that Savannah’s mother, Ashley Dattoli Livengood, is now employed by the Veterans Administration Hospital in Phoenix. Anonymous rejects this as suitable employment for Ms. Livengood. It is our collective opinion that this individual, regardless of licensing, is unfit to care for our veterans or for anyone else. We hereby demand her discharge, effective immediately.

All be advised that Anonymous is watching this case very closely. We demand justice for Savannah Cross.

That is all.

OpJustice4Savannah engaged.

We Are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.


Anonymous seeks justice for Daisy Coleman in Maryville, Missouri.

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Anonymous – #OpMaryville

October 14, 2013
In Maryville, MIssouri, 14-year-old Daisy Coleman was drugged, raped and left outside to freeze by 17-year-old Matthew Barnett, the grandson of Missouri state Representative, Rex Barnett. Despite overwhelming evidence, and a confession from Barnett, felony charges against the alleged rapist were dropped.

On Oct. 14, in response to the perceived injustice, Anonymous launched Operation Maryville (#OpMaryville). Hacktivists associated with the international collective known as Anonymous are demanding “an immediate investigation into the handling by local authorities of Daisy’s case.”

In a press release via Pastebin Anonymous asks some important questions:

“Why was a suspect, who confessed to a crime, released with no charges? How was video and medical evidence not enough to put one of these football players inside a court room? What is the connection of these prosecutors, if any, to Rep. Rex Barnett?”
The alleged rapist, Matthew Barnett, is currently a student at the University of Central Missouri. Barnett was 17 at the time of the sexual assault, was legally considered to be an adult, and was charged as an adult. However, last March the sexual assault charges against Barnett were dropped, even after Barnett admitted to sexually assaulting the intoxicated minor.

Critics claim the charges were dropped because of the families powerful connections within the state government. However, Barnett’s grandfather, Rex, a Republican state representative, claims that the dismissal had nothing to do with political influence.

Adding insult to injury, media reports indicate the residents of the small town of Maryville viciously attacked and bullied the rape victim and her family, making their lives a nightmare.

(Click here for a timeline of the Maryville rape case.)

Anonymous concluded their release with the following:

If Maryville won’t defend these young girls, if the police are too cowardly or corrupt to do their jobs, if justice system has abandoned them, then we will have to stand for them. Mayor Jim Fall, your hands are dirty. Maryville, expect us.

We Are Anonymous.
We Are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Join us.

For more information on the case, follow the Twitter hashtags #Justice4Daisy and #OpMaryville.

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Edward Snowden

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Is the National Security Agency (NSA) really “wiretapping” the Internet? Accused accomplicesMicrosoft and Google deny that they have any part in it and the core evidence isn’t holding up that well under closer examination.

Some, however, doubt that the NSA could actually intercept and break Secure-Socket Layer (SSL) protected Internet communications.

Ah, actually the NSA can.

And, you can too and it doesn’t require “Mission Impossible” commandos, hackers or supercomputers. All you need is a credit-card number.

There are many ways to attack SSL, but you don’t need fake SSL certificates, a rogue Certification Authority (CA), or variations on security expert Moxie Marlinspike’s man-in-the-middle SSL attacks. Why go to all that trouble when you can just buy a SSL interception proxy, such as Blue Coat Systems’ ProxySG or their recently acquired Netronome SSL appliance to do the job for you?

Blue Coat, the biggest name in the SSL interception business, is far from the only one offering SSL interception and breaking in a box. Until recently, for example, Microsoft would sell you a program,Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010, which could do the job for you as well.

There’s nothing new about these services. Packer Forensics was advertising appliances that could do this in 2010. The company is still in business and, while they’re keeping a low profile, they appear to be offering the same kind of devices with the same services.

Here’s how they work. First, if you know networking, this, at a high-level, is how you assume SSL is working for you:

How SSL normally works (Credit: Dell SecureWorks)

The client asks for a secure-connection and the server says sure and we’re off to handshaking our way to a secure connection. The client, typically a Web-browser but it can also be an e-mail, cloud-storage or some other kind of network service client, replies with what kind of SSL it can handle and the client and server compare notes on identity certificates and cryptographic keys until they come to an agreement that they can set up a secure transport layer. At this point, most of you assume that you have a secure end-to-end connection.

Maybe. Maybe not.

With an SSL interception proxy program or device in place, here’s what really happens:

With an SSL proxy acting as a man-in-the-middle, this is how your “secure” traffic can be read by others. (Credit: Dell SecureWorks)

The SSL proxy intercepts traffic between your computer and the Internet. When you surf to a “secure” site, it, and not your browser, get the real Web server certificate and handles setting up a perfectly good SSL connection between it and the Web server. The proxy then sends you a digital certificate, which looks like the Web server’s certificate, and sets up a “secure” connection between your browser and the proxy.

If your company has set up the proxy correctly you won’t know anything is off because they’ll have arranged to have the proxy’s internal SSL certificate registered on your machine as a valid certificate. If not, you’ll receive a pop-up error message, which, if you click on to continue, will accept the “fake” digital certificate. In either case, you get a secure connection to the proxy, it gets a secure connection to the outside site — and everything sent over the proxy can be read in plain text. Whoops.

Now if your company can do this at your business’ firewall couldn’t the NSA do something like this at a tier-one ISP? At a major company’s Web hosting facility? I don’t see why not. After all theNSA set up Room 641A at what was then AT&T’s 611 Folsom St. building in the mid-2000s for surveillance.

Is the NSA reading your e-mail and looking over your shoulder when you visit NaughtyNursesNamedNancy.com? I doubt it. With techniques like traffic and metadata analysis, they don’t need to bother with that level of detail for the vast majority of people. Technically speaking could they do it? Yes. Easily and just by modifying commercial off-the shelf (COTS) hardware and software.

Related Stories:

New insights into the PRISM program

Last Saturday, June 29, the Washington Post unexpectedly disclosed four new slides from the powerpoint presentation about the PRISM data collection program.This disclosure came as a surprise, because earlier, Guardian-journalist Glenn Greenwald said that no more slides would be published because they contain very specific technical NSA means for collection, for which The Guardian would probably be prosecuted.

That The Washington Post now disclosed them, is even more surprising, not only because it’s an American paper, but also because it’s said that Edward Snowden initially went to The Post asking to publish all 41 slides of the PRISM presentation. But The Washington Post refused to do so and therefore Snowden gave the scoop to The Guardian, which published the first four slides.

It’s not clear who exactly released the four new slides, whether it was Snowden himself or editors of The Washington Post, and what the reason was for doing it. Allthough these new slides show some of the same oddities we already saw in the first series, these new ones have a very specific and detailed content. This makes them look far more genuine and, more importantly, show much better how PRISM actually works.

We now learn that PRISM is not one single technical system or computer application, but a data collecting operation which combines a number of different tools, computer systems and databases, some existing, some maybe new. This also means that this PRISM program is not the same thing as the Planning tool for Resource Integration, Synchronization and Management (PRISM), a theory which was examined in our previous posting.

The PRISM tasking process

In this first new slide (below) we see details of the PRISM Tasking Process, which is how instructions for gathering the requested data are sent and reviewed. This process starts with an NSA analyst typing one or more search terms, or “selectors” as NSA calls them, into the Unified Targeting Tool (UTT). Selectors may refer to people (by name, e-mail address, phone number or some other digital signature), organizations or subjects such as terrorism or uranium related terms.

Along with the selectors, the analyst must fill out an electronic form that specifies the foreign-intelligence purpose of the search and the basis for the analyst’s reasonable belief that the search will not return results for US citizens or foreign nationals who are within the US at the time of data collection.

The slide shows that it’s possible to search existing communications that are already stored (“Stored Comms”) and also to initiate a search for future communications of selected targets. The latter option is called “Surveillance”, which by a number of media was erroneously interpreted as the possibility of real-time monitoring of for example an internet chat.

According to one of the earlier slides, NSA analysts should also use other sources, like data which can be gathered through access points that tap into the internet’s main gateway switches (“Upstream”). It’s not clear if tasking of these other sources can be done by using the Unified Targeting Tool (UTT), or that specific tasking tools are required.

The NSA unit S343 for Targeting and Mission Management does a final review of the analysts’ determination and releases the tasking request through the Unified Targeting Tool. Then it’s apparently a computer system called PRINTAURA which distributes the requests to the different collection sites.

For searching stored communications, there are two extra checks. First there’s a review and validation by “Special FISA Oversight and Processing”, which seems to refer to the federal judges in the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), but this is of a generic nature without individual warrants. Second, there’s the Electronic Communications Surveillance Unit (ECSU) of the FBI, which checks against its own database to filter out known Americans.

Different tasking tools

In another source the Unified Targeting Tool (UTT) is described as a DNR tasking tool, which means it’s a software program used to send tasking instructions to dedicated data collection devices. As DNR stands for Dial Number Recognition, this sounds like the targeting tool is aimed at finding out who is behind a certain phone number, but the word “unified” and the way this tool is used in the PRISM program, indicate that it has a wider targeting range.

From a number of job descriptions we learn that this Unified Targeting Tool is often mentioned in connection to GAMUT and sometimes also to CADENCE. We see this written like “GAMUT-UNIFIED TARGETING TOOL”, “GAMUT/UTT” or “CADENCE/UTT”. Both GAMUT and CADENCE are nicknames for what is said to be a “collection mission system for tasking”, but it’s not really clear how this relates to the Unified Targeting Tool. Another NSA tasking tool is called OCTAVE.

An interesting coincedence is that the word gamut means a range of colors that can be reproduced by a certain technique – like a prism can break light up into its constituent spectral colors.

More important is that the new slide shows that for PRISM the Unified Targeting Tool (UTT) is used for tasking, which means that this PRISM program is different from the Planning tool for Resource Integration, Synchronization and Management (PRISM), which itself is a tasking tool. Before the new slides were released The Guardian and The Washington Post failed to explain whether PRISM was a single application or an operation like program.

Infographic comparing the PRISM data collection program and the PRISM planning tool
(click for a bigger picture)

Now we know that the PRISM planning tool isn’t the application used for tasking the data collection from the internet companies, it’s also clear that the PRISM planning tool is used primarily for requesting information needed for military operations and therefore tasks various intelligence sources deployed to those operations. By contrast, the Unified Tasking Tool used under the PRISM program is for requesting information on the national level.

The actual data collection

The actual collecting of the internet data under the PRISM program is not done by the NSA, but by the Data Intercept Technology Unit(DITU) of the FBI. This makes sense, as the FBI is the agency which is primarily responsible for investigating US companies and citizens.

From one source it seems that the Data Intercept Technology Unit was set up in 2011 or 2012 to monitor new and emerging technology with court-authorized intercepts, but this letter (pdf) shows it already existed in 2007. Pictures of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in the DITU challenge coin indicate this unit was established in the aftermath of the 9-11 attacks.

In it’s comments on this slide, The Washington Post says this FBI “interception unit [is] on the premises of private companies”, which isn’t the case as the DITU is an FBI unit. They can have equipment installed at sites of the internet companies, but for that no evidence is presented, making one author questioning whether there is such equipment at all.

Initially the DITU was only tapping into the internet and decoding the raw data with the Packeteer en Coolminer tools, as can be read in this document (pdf) from 2010, but according to the PRISM-reporting, the unit can now also order data from companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple and others directly. Google has said in the past, that when it receives a valid FISA court order under the associated program, it uses a secure FTP server to ship the info to the government. Another option is doing this by using an encrypted dropbox, where an internet company can drop the requested data.

Depending on the company, a tasking may return e-mails, attachments, address books, calendars, files stored in the cloud, text or audio or video chats and metadata that identify the locations, devices used and other information about a target. After collecting, the FBI’s Data Intercept Technology Unit passes this information to one or more customers such as the NSA, the CIA or the FBI itself.

Storage of collected PRISM data

A second slide (below) shows how collected data flows into the various NSA servers. It’s the Data Intercept Technology Unit (DITU) of the FBI which collects raw data from the internet companies, and sends them to the NSA. At NSA the data first go to a system called PRINTAURA, which, according to the Washington Post, automates the traffic flow. As we learn from the slide, PRINTAURA is managed by NSA unit S3532.

All NSA offices, operations, units and cells have their own designation, consisting of a letter, followed by some numbers. We remember that the first slide of the PRISM presentation has a line which says “[…] PRISM Collection Manager, S35333” which means the author of the slides was a collection manager attached to unit S35333, which looks closely related to the PRINTAURA unit S3532.

From PRINTAURA data go to a database called TRAFFICTHIEF, which probably stores all the collected data like some kind of backup. Data to be processed are send to a system called SCISSORS, which is managed by unit T132, and from there onto unit S3132 for “Protocol Exploitation”. This does the processing of something which is blacked out – probably the specific classified codeword used for these internet data.

This processing sorts the data into different types and protocols and dispatches them to the various NSA databases for storage. But before that, metadata and voice content have to pass FALLOUT and CONVEYANCE. According to the Washington Post, these systems appear to be a final layer of filtering to reduce the intake of information about Americans. All other data once again pass the SCISSORS system.

Finally, the collected data are stored in the following databases:
– MARINA: for internet metadata
– MAINWAY: for phonecall metadata
– NUCLEON: for voice content
– PINWALE: contrary to what many other media say, this database is not only for video content, but also for “FAA partitions” and “DNI content”. DNI stands for Digital Network Intelligence, which is intelligence derived from digital networks, or simply: internet content, like forum postings and e-mail and chat messages. The word PINWALE is often combined with the abbreviation UIS, which could expand to something like “Unified Information Storage”. Some related digital network intelligence tools are AGILITY and AGILEVIEW.

Analysing collected data

There are no slides available saying what happens with these data after being stored, but The Washington Post says that “After processing, [collected data] are automatically sent to the analyst who made the original tasking. The time elapsed from tasking to response is thought to range from minutes to hours. A senior intelligence official would say only, Much though we might wish otherwise, the latency is not zero.”

At the moment it’s not clear which tool or application is used to analyse the data gathered from the US internet companies. National security reporter Marc Ambinder says that PRISM itself might be “a kick-ass GUI [graphic user interface] that allows an analyst to look at, collate, monitor, and cross-check different data types”.

However, until now there’s no evidence for PRISM being such a tool for analysis. Most tools used by NSA employees are listed in job descriptions and the PRISM we see there is always the Planning tool for Resource Integration, Synchronization and Management, that we talked about in our previous posting. Therefore, it’s likely that data gathered under the PRISM program are analysed using common NSA analysing tools, like for example a DNI visualization tool called TREASUREMAP.

Based upon what such analysis presents, the NSA analyst uses another tool, like CPE (Content Preparation Environment), to write a report. Such reports are then stored in other databases, like MAUI, which is used for finished NSA intelligence products. Finally, these intelligence reports are available to end users through the Top Secret section of INTELINK, which is the intranet of the US intelligence community.

PRISM case notations

A third slide (below) shows how each target gets a unique PRISM case notation and what the components of these notations are.

Abbreviations: IM = Instant Messaging; RTN-EDC = Real Time Notification-Electronic Data Communication(?);
RTN-IM = Real Time Notification-Instant Messaging; OSN = Online Social Networking; CASN = ?

The first position is the designation for each of the providers from which internet data are collected. Some people noticed the numbers jumped from P8 for AOL to PA for Apple, but someone suggests that P9 was maybe assigned to a company that fell out, and that the numbers may be hexadecimal, so the next provider will be PB, followed by PC, etc., as B = 11, C = 12, etc.

The next position of the case notation is a single letter, designating the content type, like e-mail and chat messages, social network postings, but also so-called real-time notifications (RTN) for e-mail and chat events. The Washington Post and other media apparently misinterpreted this by saying that NSA officials “may receive live notifications when a target logs on or sends an e-mail, or may monitor a voice, text or voice chat as it happens”.

In the slide, the real-time notifications are clearly listed as being “Content Type” and most of us will know them as the messages you get when someone logs in at an internet chatroom or an instant messenger, or when you receive an e-mail through an e-mail client. These notification messages are also available for NSA analysts, but only after being collected and stored, just like all other types of internet content.

Searching the collected data

The fourth new slide (below) is presented by The Washington Post as being about “Searching the PRISM database”, but as we just learned from the dataflow slide, there is no single PRISM-database. Data collected from the internet companies go into separate databases, according to the type of data. Some of these databases already existed before the PRISM program was started in 2007.

The content of the slide shows a screenshot of a web based application called REPRISMFISA, which is probably accessible through the web address which is blacked out by the Post. Unfortunately there’s no further explanation of what application we see here, but if we look at the word REPRISMFISA we can imagine the application is for going “back to data collected under the PRISM program according to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)”.

Above the olive green bar, there is a line saying: “DYNAMIC PAGE – HIGHEST POSSIBLE CLASSIFICATION IS TOP SECRET // [blacked out] / SI / TK // ORCON // NOFORN” This means that depending on the generated content of the page, it has to be classified as TOP SECRET, with additionally one or several of the following Sensitive Compartmented Information control systems:
– TALENT KEYHOLE (TK – for data collected by space-based collection platforms)
– Special Intelligence (SI – for data from communications intercepts)
– an undisclosed control system marked by a classified codeword, which is blacked out by The Washington Post. Probably this is the codeword used for information which is based upon data derived from the internet companies. As said earlier, “PRISM” is not a codeword used for content, but rather the (unclassified) nickname of the program for collecting raw internet data.

In the center of the page there are three icons, which can be clicked: PRISM, FBI FISA and DOJ FISA. This seems to confirm that this application is used to search data collected under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), specified for use by NSA, FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Below these icons there is a search field, to get a partial list of records. The search options seem rather limited, as only two keywords can be entered, with an additonal “and/or” option. At the left there’s a column presenting a number of options for showing totals of PRISM entries. For checking the record status, one can click the following options:
– See Entire List (Current)
– See Entire List (Expired)
– See Entire List (Current and Expired)
– See NSA List
– See New Records
– Ownership count

Below this list, the text says: “If the total count is much less than this, REPRISMFISA is having issues, E-MAIL the REPRISMFISA HELP DESK AT [address blacked out] AND INFORM THEM”

The numbers below that text are hardly readable, but the Washington Post says that on “April 5, according to this slide, there were 117,675 active surveillance targets in PRISM’s counterterrorism database”. This sounds like a huge number, but without any further details about these targets it’s almost impossible to give some meaningful opinion about it.

Links and Sources

– The Week: Solving the mystery of PRISM
– ForeignPolicy.com: Evil in a Haystack
– WashingtonPost.com: Inner workings of a top-secret spy program
– TechDirt.com: Newly Leaked NSA Slides On PRISM Add To Confusion, Rather Than Clear It Up
– Technovia.co.uk: Something doesn’t add up in the lastest Washington Post PRISM story


US Snowden Extradition Request to Venezuela      July 6, 2013     US-VE-Snowden-Extradition
Snowden in Der Spiegel - Appelbaum (DE)          July 7, 2013     snowden-spiegel-13-0707-2
Edward Snowden, Laura Poitras, Jacob Appelbaum   July 7, 2013     http://pastebin.com/q2YeCqEn
updated Snowden in Der Spiegel - Poitras/Appelbaum (EN)  July 7, 2013 http://pastebin.com/xau8Dzbb 

also, recently leaked some #Nsa agents dox'd and information was given out you can find the links here: http://pastebin.com/X2zabhmw

  1.   DOX…
  2.                     National Security Agency Research Pad.
  3.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Director of the National Security Agency
  4.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Lt Gen Kenneth Minihan 1996–1999
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  21.                     7.  July 1978 – December 1979, student, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, Calif.
  22.                     8.  January 1980 – September 1981, legislative liaison officer, Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington, D.C.
  23.                     9.   September 1981 – December 1982, chief, Office of Support to Military  Operations and Plans, National Security Agency, Fort George G. Meade,  Md.
  24.                     10.  December 1982 – July 1983, commander, 6941st Electronic Security Squadron, Fort George G. Meade, Md.
  25.                     11.  July 1983 – May 1984, student, Air War College, Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala.
  26.                     12.  May 1984 – July 1985, commander, 12th Tactical Intelligence Squadron, Bergstrom Air Force Base, Texas
  27.                     13.  July 1985 – July 1987, commander, 6917th Electronic Security Group, San Vito dei Normanni Air Station, Italy
  28.                     14.  July 1987 – June 1989, deputy chief of staff, plans, Headquarters Electronic Security Command, Kelly Air Force Base, Texas
  29.                     15.  June 1989 – July 1991, deputy chief of staff, intelligence, Headquarters Tactical Air Command, Langley Air Force Base, Va.
  30.                     16.   July 1991 – June 1993, director of plans and requirements, assistant  chief of staff, intelligence, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington,  D.C.
  31.                     17.  June 1993 – October 1993, commander, Air Force  Intelligence Command and director, Joint Electronic Warfare Center,  Kelly Air Force Base, Texas
  32.                     18.  October 1993 – October 1994,  commander, Air Intelligence Agency and director, Joint Command and  Control Warfare Center, Kelly Air Force Base, Texas
  33.                     19.  October 1994 – September 1995, assistant chief of staff, intelligence, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.
  34.                     20.  September 1995 – February 1996, director, Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington, D.C.
  35.                     21.  February 1996 – present, director, National Security Agency and Central Security Service, Fort George G. Meade, Md.
  36.                     MAJOR AWARDS AND DECORATIONS
  37.                     Defense Distinguished Service Medal
  38.                     Legion of Merit with two oak leaf clusters
  39.                     Bronze Star Medal
  40.                     Defense Meritorious Service Medal
  41.                     Meritorious Service Medal with three oak leaf clusters
  42.                     National Defense Service Medal with service star
  43.                     Vietnam Service Medal with four service stars
  44.                     Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm
  45.                     Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal
  46.                     EFFECTIVE DATES OF PROMOTION
  47.                     Second Lieutenant  Apr 21, 1966
  48.                     First Lieutenant  Dec 30, 1967
  49.                     Captain  Jun 30, 1969
  50.                     Major    Feb 1, 1978
  51.                     Lieutenant Colonel  Oct 1, 1981
  52.                     Colonel  Nov 1, 1985
  53.                     Brigadier General  May 1, 1991
  54.                     Major General   Jun 1, 1993
  55.                     Lieutenant General  Sep 1, 1995
  56.                     (Current as of October 1998)
  57.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Lt Gen Michael Hayden  1999–2005
  58.                     Retired July 1, 2008
  59.                     Was responsible for overseeing all activities of the CIA.
  60.                     EDUCATION
  61.                     1967 Bachelor of Arts degree in history, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pa.
  62.                     1969 Master’s degree in modern American history, Duquesne University
  63.                     1975 Academic Instructor School, Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala.
  64.                     1976 Squadron Officer School, Maxwell AFB, Ala.
  65.                     1978 Air Command and Staff College, Maxwell AFB, Ala.
  66.                     1980 Defense Intelligence School (postgraduate curriculum), Defense Intelligence Agency, Bolling AFB, D.C.
  67.                     1983 Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, Va.
  68.                     1983 Air War College, Maxwell AFB, Ala.
  69.                     ASSIGNMENTS
  70.                     1. January 1970 – January 1972, analyst and briefer, Headquarters Strategic Air Command, Offutt AFB, Neb.
  71.                     2. January 1972 – May 1975, Chief, Current Intelligence Division, Headquarters 8th Air Force, Andersen AFB, Guam
  72.                     3. May 1975 – July 1975, student, Academic Instructor School, Maxwell AFB, Ala.
  73.                     4. July 1975 – August 1979, academic instructor and commandant of cadets, ROTC program, St. Michael’s College, Winooski, Vt.
  74.                     5. August 1979 – June 1980, student, Defense Intelligence School  (postgraduate intelligence curriculum), Defense Intelligence Agency,  Bolling AFB, D.C.
  75.                     6. June 1980 – July 1982, Chief of Intelligence, 51st Tactical Fighter Wing, Osan Air Base, South Korea
  76.                     7. July 1982 – January 1983, student, Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, Va.
  77.                     8. January 1983 – July 1984, student, air attaché training, Washington, D.C.
  78.                     9. July 1984 – July 1986, air attaché, U.S. Embassy, Sofia, People’s Republic of Bulgaria
  79.                     10. July 1986 – September 1989, politico-military affairs officer,  Strategy Division, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.
  80.                     11. September 1989 – July 1991, Director for Defense Policy and Arms Control, National Security Council, Washington, D.C.
  81.                     12. July 1991 – May 1993, Chief, Secretary of the Air Force Staff Group,  Office of the Secretary of the Air Force, Headquarters U.S. Air Force,  Washington, D.C.
  82.                     13. May 1993 – October 1995, Director, Intelligence Directorate, Headquarters U.S. European Command, Stuttgart, Germany
  83.                     14. October 1995 – December 1995, special assistant to the Commander, Headquarters Air Intelligence Agency, Kelly AFB, Texas
  84.                     15. January 1996 – September 1997, Commander, Air Intelligence Agency,  and Director, Joint Command and Control Warfare Center, Kelly AFB, Texas
  85.                     16. September 1997 – March 1999, Deputy Chief of Staff, United Nations  Command and U.S. Forces Korea, Yongsan Army Garrison, South Korea
  86.                     17. March 1999 – April 2005, Director, National Security Agency, and Chief, Central Security Service, Fort George G. Meade, Md.
  87.                     18. April 2005 – May 2006, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, Washington, D.C.
  88.                     19. May 2006 – present, Director, Central Intelligence Agency, Langley, Va.
  89.                     MAJOR AWARDS AND DECORATIONS
  90.                     Defense Distinguished Service Medal
  91.                     Defense Superior Service Medal with oak leaf cluster
  92.                     Legion of Merit
  93.                     Bronze Star Medal
  94.                     Meritorious Service Medal with two oak leaf clusters
  95.                     Air Force Commendation Medal
  96.                     Air Force Achievement Medal
  97.                     EFFECTIVE DATES OF PROMOTION
  98.                     Second Lieutenant   June 2, 1967
  99.                     First Lieutenant   June 7, 1970
  100.                     Captain   Dec. 7, 1971
  101.                     Major   June 1, 1980
  102.                     Lieutenant Colonel   Feb. 1, 1985
  103.                     Colonel   Nov. 1, 1990
  104.                     Brigadier General   Sept. 1, 1993
  105.                     Major General   Oct. 1, 1996
  106.                     Lieutenant General   May 1, 1999
  107.                     General   April 21, 2005
  108.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         General Keith B. Alexander, U.S. Army 2005- now
  109.                     know social media:
  110.                     Suspected Address:
  111.                     1274 state route 49, constantia, ny 13044
  112.                     Suspected current and previous known numbers
  113.                          202-554-8786 *
  114.                     703-781-7299
  115.                     315-623-9559
  116.                     703-850-5655
  117.                     suspected emails
  118.                     kalexan@att.net
  119.                     kalexan525@aol.com
  120.                     schatzie08@aol.com
  121.                     born December 2, 1951, in Syracuse, New York as  the son of Charlotte L. (née Colvin) and Donald Henry Alexander.
  122.                     Raised in Onondaga Hill, New York, a suburb of Syracuse. His father was a private in the Marines and later was involved in local Republican politics. Alexander was the third of five siblings. He was a paperboy for The Post-Standard and attended Westhill Senior High School where he ran track
  123.                     Years of service to the United States People 1974-present
  124.                     current Director of the National Security Agency (DIRNSA)
  125.                     Alexander plans to retire in 2014
  126.                      He is a four-star general in the United States Army.
  127.                      previously served as Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2, U.S. Army from 2003 to 2005. He assumed the positions of Director, National Security Agency and Chief, Central Security Service on August 1, 2005
  128.                      and the additional duties as Commander, United States Cyber Command on May 21, 2010
  129.                     Married Deborah Lynn Douglas, who was a classmate in high school and who  grew up two doors down from his family in Onondaga Hill.
  130.                     –They have four daughters
  131.                     Alexander’s military education includes the Armor Officer Basic Course, the Military Intelligence Officer Advanced Course, the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, and the National War College.
  132.                     MBA in business administration in 1978 from Boston University,
  133.                     M.S. in systems technology (electronic warfare)
  134.                     M.S. in physics in 1983 from the Naval Postgraduate School
  135.                     M.S. in national security strategy from the National Defense University
  136.                     Metals and Ribbons
  137.                     Defense Distinguished Service Medal
  138.                     Army Distinguished Service Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster
  139.                     Defense Superior Service Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster
  140.                     Legion of Merit with five Oak Leaf ClustersBronze Star
  141.                     Meritorious Service Medal with five Oak Leaf ClustersAir Medal
  142.                     Army Commendation Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster
  143.                     Army Achievement Medal with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters
  144.                     Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia)
  145.                     Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait)
  146.                     Royal Norwegian Order of Merit (Grand Officer)
  147.                     Senior Parachutist Badge
  148.                     Joint Chiefs of Staff Identification Badge
  149.                     Army Staff Identification Badge
  150.                     Parachutist Badge (Germany) in bronze
  151.                     Known associations
  152.                     Attendee, Bilderberg Group
  153.                     Former Deputy Chief of Staff, Department of the Army
  154.                     Former Director of Intelligence, U.S. Central Command
  155.                      Director, U.S. Cyber Command
  156.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Deputy Director of the National Security Agency
  157.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Barbara A. McNamara1997–2000
  158.                     Born 1941/1942 (age 70–71)
  159.                     NSA’s Deputy Director from October 1997 until June 2000
  160.                     NSA’s Senior U.S. Liaison Officer in London, England
  161.                     First woman to be named Deputy Director of Operations, in 1994
  162.                     Joining the agency in 1963 as a Chinese  linguist, she rose through a number of analytic, operational, and  managerial positions before leaving the Operational Directorate in 1983.
  163.                     Currently, a board member of Signalscape and Intec Billing.
  164.                     June 2000, she received the US Intelligence Community’s highest award, the National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal.
  165.                     William B. Black, Jr.2000–2006
  166.                     Education
  167.                         1979 National War College, Fort McNair, Washington D.C.
  168.                         1978-1979 George Washington University Masters Program
  169.                         1971 University of Maryland at College Park College Park, Maryland Bachelor of Arts/Political Science (Soviet Area Studies)
  170.                         1957 U.S. Army Language School Monterey, California (Russian language)
  171.                     Assignments
  172.                         2006 — Present Special U.S. Liaison Officer, London
  173.                         2000-2006 Deputy Director of the National Security Agency
  174.                         1997-2000 SAIC/Information Operations Advanced Technologies and Solutions Group
  175.                         1996-1997 Special Assistant to the Director for Information Warfare
  176.                         1992-1996 Chief of Operations Analysis, Group A
  177.                         1989-1992 Chief, NSA/CSS Representative Europe Office
  178.                         1987-1989 Associate Deputy Director for Operations/Military Support
  179.                         1986-1987 Chief of the Office of Collection Management
  180.                         1984-1986 Chief of a major field installation
  181.                         1982-1984 Deputy Chief of a major field installation
  182.                         1979-1982 Chief of Operations of a major field installation
  183.                         1975-1978 Chief of the Office of Customer Relations and Support to Military Operations
  184.                     Before 1975, Mr. Black served in various positions at NSA Headquarters, NSA European Headquarters, and The Pentagon.
  185.                     Significant awards
  186.                         2002 Distinguished Executive Presidential Rank Award
  187.                         1998 Joint Intelligence Unit Citation for Information Warfare Staff
  188.                         1997 2nd Exceptional Civilian Service Award
  189.                         1996 National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal
  190.                         1992 Secretary of Defense Meritorious Civilian Service Award
  191.                         1986 Exceptional Civilian Service Award
  192.                         1984 Senior Executive Service Presidential Rank Award
  193.                         1974 Meritorious Civilian Service Award
  194.                         1959-80 Elevated through the ranks to the Senior Cryptologic Executive Service
  195.                     joined the National Security Agency in 1959 as an operational linguist/analyst after three years in the Army.
  196.                      employed at NSA, Mr. Black completed a wide variety of assignments including Special Assistant to the Director for Information warfare; Chief A Group (Operations Analysis); Chief, NSA/CSS Representative Europe office  (NCEUR); Associate Deputy Director for Operations/ Military Support;  and he served as both Chief and Deputy Chief of a major field  installation. As he worked his way up to Senior Cryptologic Executive  Service, his primary focus was on building new organizations and  creating new ways of doing business. Mr. Black retired from the NSA in  1997.
  197.                      became Assistant Vice President and Director of Information Operations in the Advanced Technologies and Solutions Group of the Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
  198.                      Mr. Black led Information Operations research and worked with the  Information Operations Technology Center to establish an Institute for  the Analysis of Complex Systems to develop advanced techniques for the  analysis of networks and critical infrastructures.
  199.                      Since 2002 he was overseeing the Trailblazer Project, which was aimed at analyzing data on computer networks, and at tracking cell phone and email communications.
  200.                     — the main contract for Trailblazer, ultimately worth US$ 1.2 billion, had been awarded to Black’s former employer Science Applications International Corporation
  201.                     In April 2005, the outgoing NSA director Michael Hayden told a Senate hearing that the Trailblazer program was several hundred million dollars over budget and years behind schedule.[4] After Michael Hayden’s promotion to Deputy Director of National Intelligence, Black was acting Director of the NSA until the appointment of the new NSA director Lt. Gen. Keith B. Alexander. In August 2006, Black was replaced by John C. Inglis, and offered to take over the position as liaison officer to NSA’s British intelligence counterpart
  202.                     John C. (Chris) Inglis2006–present (2013)
  203.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Former Deputy Chiefs, Central Security Service
  204.                     July 2006
  205.                     Maj Gen Randal D. “Randy” Fullhart
  206.                     July 2008
  207.                     Maj. Gen. Noel T. (Tom) Jones
  208.                     October 2010
  209.                     Maj. Gen. Jim H. Keffer
  210.                     ——————————————————————————————————————————————————— Misc Notes and addtions
  211.                     ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–
  212.                     First Name: Jason
  213.                     Middle Name: F
  214.                     Last Name: Miller
  215.                     Street: 1434 Boyle St
  216.                     City Baltimore
  217.                     State: Mary Land
  218.                     Zip Code: 21230
  219.                     10 Digit Phone number: 4106373678
  220.                     Occupation : Analyst at US Army June 2005-Present
  221.                     University he went toto:University of Kentuckey
  222.                     linked in profile here: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jason-miller/39/741/a49
  223.                     Why   we targeted him: Acted as primary liaison for NSA during daily   teleconferences with other government partners, exchanging ideas and   information to maintain complete and up-to-date situational awareness
  224.                     First name: David
  225.                     Middle name: Warren
  226.                     Last name: Amerson
  227.                     Address: 43 Baltimore, MD
  228.                     Age: 42/43
  229.                     Current Job: Senior Intelligence Analyst at SAIC
  230.                     Past Job’s: Embedded Mentor / Senior Intelligence Analyst at SAIC
  231.                              Senior Intelligence Analyst at         SAIC
  232.                              Cryptologic Technician at NSGA Fort Meade/NIOC Maryland
  233.                              Cryptologic Technician at USS Vella Gulf (CG-72)
  234.                              Career Counselor, Training PO at Diego Garcia
  235.                              Cryptologic Technician at NSGA Medina
  236.                         Education: University of Maryland University College 2009-2010
  237.                                           Venice High School 1987-1990
  238.                                 Linked in profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidamerson
  239.                     -mlight
  240.                     First Name: Douglas
  241.                     Middle Name: Peter
  242.                     Last Name: Pratt
  243.                     City: San Angelo
  244.                     State: Texas
  245.                     Current Job: Intelligence Instructor/Analyst at CGI 2012-Present
  246.                     Previous Job: Intelligence Analyst at US Army March 2001-March 2012
  247.                     Education: Defense Language Institute
  248.                                        Associate of Arts (AA), Chinese Studies (2001-2002)
  249.                                        Grade: 3.9/4.0
  250.                                         Graduated with High Honors
  251.                     Known Languages: English (Native or bilingual proficiency)
  252.                                                      Chinese Mandarin (Professional working proficiency)
  253.                     LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/douglas-pratt/5a/107/b51
  254.                     -mlight
  255.                     First name: Brandi
  256.                     Middle name: Rae
  257.                     Last name: Lightcap
  258.                     Age: 23
  259.                     Country : America
  260.                     City: San Antonio
  261.                     State: Texas
  262.                     Current job: Mid-Level SIGINT Geospatial Analyst at Celestar Corporation
  263.                                  SIGINT         Analyst at U.S.         Army Reserve
  264.                     Past Job’s:  SASMO (SIGINT Analyst Support for Military Operations) Course at Celestar  Corporation
  265.                     SIPR/JWICS Help Desk Administrator at ANC Research & Development
  266.                     SIGINT Analyst at US Army
  267.                     Prophet ES Spiral 1 T-Lite Familiarization and Prophet ES Spiral 1 Operator/Analyst Training at U.S. Army
  268.                     DEPL 2000/GISA Course at U.S. Army
  269.                     NIPR Level 2 Help Desk Technician at INDUS Corp.
  270.                     DEPL 2000/GISA course at U.S. Army
  271.                     Army Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) MOS qualification course at U.S. Army Reserve
  272.                     Education: American Military
  273.                                       University 2008-2014 (expected)
  274.                                       Major: International Relations
  275.                                       Concentration: Globalization and Human Security
  276.                                        Minor: Religion
  277.                                Centerville High School
  278.                                 High School Diploma, General 2003-2007
  279.                                  Activities and Societies: Tennis
  280.                     LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/brandi-lightcap/40/9b6/453
  281.                     MySpace: https://myspace.com/brandilightcap
  282.                     Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brandi.lightcap
  283.                     -mlight
  284.                     First name: John
  285.                     Middle name: Christopher
  286.                     Last name: Inglis
  287.                     Country: America
  288.                     Address: 605 Hillsmere Dr #403
  289.                                    Annapolis, MD 21403
  290.                     Email: luzee12@aol.com
  291.                     Phone number:(410) 268-6918
  292.                     Previous Phone numbers: (410) 268-6918
  293.                                                               (480) 807-1946
  294.                     Previous addresses:1733 Peralta Ave, Mesa, AZ 85202
  295.                                                   1916 Crain Hwy #19, Glen Burnie, MD 21061
  296.                                                   801, Fpo, AE 09498
  297.                                                    Psc 801, Fpo, AE 09498
  298.                                                    306 John Ave, Linthicum Heights, MD 21090
  299.                                                   558 Connor Rd #A, West Point, NY 10996
  300.                     Birth date: 29 October 1954 aged 58
  301.                     Nickname: Chris
  302.                     Job: 17th Deputy Director of the National Security Agency
  303.                     Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_C._Inglis
  304.                     -mlight
  305.                     First Name: Ben
  306.                     Last Name: Galor
  307.                     Occupation: CEO at New Armor (Information Technology and Services)
  308.                     State: Greater New York City Area
  309.                     User name: benmilford
  310.                     Linked in profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ben-galor/a/70b/452
  311.                     ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–
  312.                     Keith Brian Alexander Dox
  313.                     =====================
  314.                     He is director of the world’s largest intelligence  service, the National Security Agency; chief of the Central Security  Service; and commander of the US Cyber Command. As such, he has his own  secret military, presiding over the Navy’s 10th Fleet, the 24th Air  Force, and the Second Army.
  315.                     Name: Keith B. Alexander
  316.                     Born:  December 2, 1951
  317.                     Facebook:http://goo.gl/BfK7E
  318.                     Linkedin:http://goo.gl/37nEM
  319.                     Public Event’s
  320.                     He will deliver the keynote address at Black Hat USA in July, 2013.
  321.                     Lt. Gen. Keith Brian Alexander: b. 1952 Syracuse, Onondaga Co., NY; Director of the National Security Agency 2005-
  322.                     [Syracuse Herald Journal,   23 Apr 1974: “Lt. and Mrs.  Keith Brian Alexander were married Saturday   in St. Andrew’s Episcopal  Church in the Valley….The bridegroom is the   son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald  H. Alexander of Constantia….The bridegroom  is  an alumnus of U.S.  Military Academy at West Point.
  323.                     Dox – by the professor
  324.                     Keith Brian Alexander
  325.                     dob 1/2/1951
  326.                     phone number – 202-554-8786
  327.                     address – 1274 state route 49, constantia, ny 13044
  328.                     previous phone numbers:
  329.                     703-781-7299
  330.                     315-623-9559
  331.                     703-850-5655
  332.                     previous adresses
  333.                     10245 fairfax dr, fort belvoir, va 22060
  334.                     3478 everett ave, spring hill, fl 34609
  335.                     4940 glen rovin dr, syracuse, ny 13215
  336.                     1101 ceder oaks ln, harker heights, tx 76548
  337.                     1274 St Rt, Constantia, NY 13044
  338.                     5226 Dunleigh Dr, Burke, VA 22015
  339.                     2107 McClelland Ave #1, Tampa, FL 33621
  340.                     9759 Turnbuckle Dr, Burke, VA 22015
  341.                     5 Armistead St, Fort Bragg, NC 28307
  342.                     201 Reynolds St #L201, Alexandria, VA 22304
  343.                     1101 Cedar Oaks Ln, Killeen, TX 76548
  344.                     Armistead, Fort Bragg, NC 28307
  345.                     204 Mi Bn Hhc, Apo, AE 09157
  346.                     Email[s]:
  347.                     kalexan@att.net
  348.                     kalexan525@aol.com
  349.                     schatzie08@aol.com
  350.                     Wife – Deborah L Alexander
  351.                     phone number – (410) 674-1810
  352.                     Address – 10245 Fairfax Dr, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060
  353.                     Previous Phone Numbers:
  354.                     (703) 781-7299
  355.                     (410) 674-1810
  356.                     (813) 840-9063
  357.                     (703) 764-8587
  358.                     Previous Addresses:
  359.                     4628 English Ave, Fort George G Meade, MD 20755
  360.                     4940 Glen Robin Dr, Syracuse, NY 13215
  361.                     2107 McClelland Ave #1, Tampa, FL 33621
  362.                     Armistead, Fort Bragg, NC 28307
  363.                     5 Armistead St, Fort Bragg, NC 28307
  364.                     9759 Turnbuckle Dr, Burke, VA 22015
  365.                     5226 Dunleigh Dr, Burke, VA 22015
  366.                     HC 204TH MI, Apo, AE 09157
  367.                     Notes: Supporter of the nsa
  368.                     —————Basic Information —————
  369.                     Name: Brandi Lightcap
  370.                     Age: over 22
  371.                     Sex: Female
  372.                     Google maps image: https://maps.google.ca/maps?hl=en&tab=wl
  373.                     Company working for: SIGINT Analyst at Celestar Corporation
  374.                     Possible location: 2626 Babcock Rd, Apt 2707
  375.                     San Antonio, TX 78229-6002
  376.                     Education: American Military University
  377.                     Centerville High School
  378.                     Children: 1
  379.                     name: connor lightcap
  380.                     Current: in the military reserve
  381.                     —————Company Information —————
  382.                     Name:
  383.                     SIGINT Analyst at Celestar Corporation
  384.                     Owner:
  385.                     Gregory J. Celestan
  386.                     Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  387.                     Co-Owner:
  388.                     Debbie Miller
  389.                     Executive Assistant to the CEO and COO
  390.                     dmiller@celestarcorp.com
  391.                     Alias:
  392.                     Lori Larsen
  393.                     Vice President, Business Operations and Development
  394.                     llarsen@celestarcorp.com
  395.                     Lew Jolly, PMP
  396.                     Chief Operating Officer
  397.                     ljolly@celestarcorp.com
  398.                     Joseph Stallings
  399.                     Director of Operations
  400.                     jstallings@celestarcorp.com
  401.                     Vic Handy
  402.                     Director of Operations
  403.                     vhandy@celestarcorp.com
  404.                     Mark A. Tocci – Gunny
  405.                     Recruiting Manager
  406.                     mtocci@celestarcorp.com
  407.                     Charise Strandberg
  408.                     Social Media Marketing Manager
  409.                     cstrandberg@celestarcorp.com
  410.                     Location #1:
  411.                     Tampa Office
  412.                     9501 E. U.S. Highway 92
  413.                     Tampa, Florida 33610
  414.                     Phone: 813-627-9069
  415.                     Fax: 813-626-1858
  416.                     Location #2:
  417.                     Reston, VA Office
  418.                     11400 Commerce Park Drive
  419.                     Suite 220
  420.                     Reston, VA 20190
  421.                     Phone: 703-956-9551
  422.                     Fax: 703-251-4440
  423.                     website: http://www.celestarcorp.com/
  424.                     —————Internet Information —————
  425.                     IP Address:
  426.                     Orientation:
  427.                     Hostname:
  428.                     ISP:
  429.                     —————Other Information —————
  430.                     Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brandi.lightcap/photos
  431.                     Myspace: https://myspace.com/brandilightcap/
  432.                     Google +: https://plus.google.com/111380495853528838935/posts
  433.                     —————Sites Used —————
  434.                     https://www.facebook.com
  435.                     —————Other ————–
  436.                     <Other things>
  437.                     <—>  = no information
  438.                     —————End Of File ————–
  439.                      @@@@@@@ @@@ @@@  @@@@@@@  @@@  @@@ @@@  @@@  @@@@@@    @@@  @@@           @@@
  440.                 !@@      @@! !@@ !@@       @@!@!@@@ @@!  @@@ !@@        @@!  !@@          @@@@
  441.                 !@!       !@!@!  !@! @!@!@ @!@@!!@! @!@  !@!  !@@!!      !@@!@!  @!@!@!@!  !@!
  442.                 :!!        !!:   :!!   !!: !!:  !!! !!:  !!!     !:!     !: :!!            !!!
  443.                  :: :: :   .:     :: :: :  ::    :   :.:: :  ::.: :     :::  :::           ::
  444.                 ________________________________________________________________________________________
  445.                 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  446.                 Bear with me, some data is incomplete, i will update when able.
  447.                 Most of the data below is fairly publicly available
  448.                 Gregory Jerome Celestan
  449.                 AGE: 50-54
  450.                 POSSIBLE CURRENT LOCATION:
  451.                 Lithia, FL
  452.                 Tampa, FL
  453.                 POSSIBLE ADDRESSES:
  454.                 11756 Browning Rd
  455.                 POSSIBLE PHONE NUMBERS:
  456.                 (813) 681-2xxx
  457.                 (504) 366-4477
  458.                 PREVIOUS LOCATIONS:
  459.                 |  Fort Leavenworth, KS  |  Auburn, WA  |  Brandon, FL  |  New Orleans, LA  |  Watertown, NY  |  Apo, AE  |  Fort Drum, NY  |  Born: Niagara Falls, NY
  460.                 POSSIBLE EMAIL ADDRESS:
  461.                 G***@Att.net
  462.                 Gcelestan@celestarcorp.com
  463.                 EXPERIENCE:
  464.                 Lieutenant Colonel
  465.                 May 1984 – May 2004 (20 years 1 month)
  466.                 Served as an Artillery Officer and a Eurasian Foreign Area Officer for 20 years. Assignments included V Corps Artillery (Germany); 10th Mountain Division; Foreign Military Studies Office (Ft. Leavenworth, KS); George C. Marshall Center (Garmisch, GE) and U.S. Central Command (MacDill AFB, FL)
  467.                 National Security
  468.                 Military
  469.                 Intelligence Analysis
  470.                 Federal Government
  471.                 Intelligence
  472.                 DoD
  473.                 Security Clearance
  474.                 Strategic Leadership
  475.                 Army
  476.                 Counterinsurgency
  477.                 Military Experience
  478.                 Operational Planning
  479.                 Military Operations
  480.                 Homeland Security
  481.                 Counterterrorism
  482.                 Defense
  483.                 Special Operations
  484.                 Command
  485.                 Government
  486.                 Force Protection
  487.                 Tactics
  488.                 Interagency Coordination
  489.                 EDUCATION:
  490.                 University of Washington
  491.                 M.A., International Affairs
  492.                 1993 – 1994
  493.                 United States Military Academy at West Point
  494.                 B.S., Engineering / Russian Area Studies
  495.                 1980 – 1984
  496.                 ASSOCIATED GROUPS:
  497.                 Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce; Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA); West Point Society
  498.                  10th Mountain Division
  499.                  Air Defense and Field Artillery Alumni
  500.                  Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO)
  501.                  CEO Council of Tampa Bay
  502.                  Fellowship of Entrepreneurs – Tampa Bay
  503.                  Foreign Area Officers
  504.                  Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce
  505.                  Service Academy Business Professionals
  506.                  TBTF – Tampa Bay Technology Forum
  507.                  Tampa AFCEA Chapter
  508.                  Tampa Bay Business Journal
  509.                  The Chief Executive Officer (TGL)
  510.                  US Army Field Artillery Officers
  511.                  US Central Command
  512.                  USMA ’84 – Best of the Corps
  513.                  United Arab Emirates Business and Professional Network
  514.                  Veteran Owned Businesses
  515.                  Visit Tampa Bay Partners
  516.                  West Point Association of Graduates
  517.                 ALIASES: J Celestan    Greg J Celestan    Gregory Jerome Celestan     G Celestan     Major Gregory Jcelestan
  518.                 RELATIVES:  Wife – Joanne Marie Tremont     Amy Edna Celestan     George Joseph Celestan     Karen A Celestan
  519.                 PETS:
  520.                 Chancey/Chancy – Cat
  521.                 Gracey – Cat
  522.                 Thelma – Dog
  523.                 Jasper – Dog
  524.                 Tucker – Dog
  525.                 PICS:
  526.                 VIDEO/INTERVIEWS:
  527.                 Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  528.                 WEBSITE DESCRIPTION:
  529.                 Gregory Celestan, Chief Executive Officer, Celestar Corporation earned a Master of Arts in International Affairs from the University of Washington and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Russian Area Studies from the United States Military Academy at West Point. Mr. Celestan retired from the U.S. Army in 2004 as a Lieutenant Colonel with twenty years of experience leading U.S. and foreign military personnel.
  530.                 Mr. Celestan commanded several artillery units in Germany and served on staffs from Battalion to Division level during his twenty year career. He also served as an analyst at the Foreign Military Studies Office at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and as a Senior Fellow at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies in Garmisch, Germany. Mr. Celestan served as a Team Site Commander for the United Nations Mission in the Western Sahara (MINURSO).
  531.                 Mr. Celestan published numerous articles related to foreign threats and security studies during his military career. During Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, he organized and led U.S. Central Command’s Coalition Intelligence Coordination Center at the Forward Headquarters in Qatar. During Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, Mr. Celestan was the Team Chief of the Unconventional Targeting Cell, responsible for developing actionable intelligence against high-value Al-Qaida and Taliban targets.
  532.                 Mr. Celestan founded Celestar Corporation prior to his retirement from the U.S. Army. Celestar Corporation was named to the Inc. magazine list of the 500 fastest growing private companies in America in 2009.  Celestar Corporation was also named to the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s “Fast 50” list of the Fifty Fastest growing companies in Tampa Bay. Mr. Celestan was selected as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the State of Florida in 2010.  Mr. Celestan serves as a Board Member on the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce and is currently the Chairman on the Executive Committee. Mr. Celestan is currently a member of the Tampa General Hospital Foundation Board and is a member of the CEO Council of Tampa Bay. In September 2011, Mr. Celestan was elected to the Board of the Bank of Tampa
  533.         ====================================0x80=====================================
  534.         =============================================================================
  535.         =============================================================================
  536.         ==============================THE SUPREME FED================================
  537.         =============================KING OF THE BACON===============================
  538.         =============================================================================
  539.         ==============================Traitor General================================
  540.         ===========================of the USS SUCKFEST===============================
  541.         =============================================================================
  542.         ==========================NAME:Keith B. Alexander============================
  543.         ============================Director of the NSA==============================
  544.         ======KNOWN RESIDENCES: 1274 STATE ROUTE 49, CONSTANTIA, NY 13044============
  545.         ======KNOWN RESIDENCES: 278-380 MONTGOMERY RD, SOUTH PLYMOUTH, NY 13844======
  546.         =============================================================================
  547.         =============================================================================
  548.         =====================HOW CAN YOU REACH THE SUPREME FED?======================
  549.         ====================JUST PICK UP YOUR PHONE AND SAY HI!!!====================
  550.         ===============================HE’S LISTENING!===============================
  551.         =============================================================================
  552.         ============================UNCONFIRMED NUMBERS==============================
  553.         ======================CALL FOR BACON HOME DELIVERY===========================
  554.         =================DC OFFICE: 202-554-8786 (Cell-forwarded)====================
  555.         ================NYC OFFICE: 315-623-9559 (Office only)=======================
  556.         ===========VIRGINIA OFFICE: 703-781-7299 (Office only)=======================
  557.         ==============ARLINGTON???: 703-850-5655 (Extra bacon)=======================
  558.         =============================================================================
  559.         =============================================================================
  560.         =================Would you like to employ this faggot?=======================
  561.         ================================Go here!=====================================
  562.         ========http://www.linkedin.com/pub/gen-keith-b-alexander/51/15/a81==========
  563.         =============================================================================
  564.         ============================CALLSIGN: SNOWFLAKE==============================
  565.         =============================================================================
  566.         ====================================0x00=====================================
  567.         =============================================================================

Part 2 & 3  can be found here:

  1.                     Greetings from Anonymous.
  2.                     —————————
  3.                     Special thanks to Edward Snowden & the goats at #opnsa
  4.                                       —————————————
  5.                     DOX Part 2: http://pastebin.com/SVyKYK4p
  6.                     DOX Part 3: http://pastebin.com/MLyNNtTE

Justice for Khylii


Help support her and the victims father.


Mike Keffer couldn’t stand looking at the pictures documenting his daughter Khylii’s stay at Children’s Hopsital in Pittsburgh.”Her scar basically runs from about a half inch above her belly button to both sides of her abdomen area,” said Keffer.The 3-year-old was taken to Children’s Hospital by medical helicopter on Feb. 17. She stayed there more than three weeks and endured surgery after surgery to fix a major hole in her stomach.”The surgeon said it had to be some kind of major trauma blow to the stomach area,” said Keffer. “They weren’t sure how it happened, but they said it was the largest hole that they’d seen.”Weirton police said they started an investigation after medical reports suggested the girl’s injuries were suspicious.The Hancock County grand jury indicted Donald R. Weekly II this week, charging him with child neglect causing serious bodily ingury. Prosecutors said Weekly was caring for Khylii when she was injured.”I’m really upset and I want justice,” said Keffer. “I’m just hopeful (Kyhlii) doesn’t remember most of this.”Keffer said his daughter, now recovered, became the center of a lesson learned the hard way.

“There were many situations that I knew about, and I made referrals to Child Protective Services in the past year, almost 20 referrals about situations going on. My kids having bruises,” said Keffer. “I just want awareness. You cannot trust someone just because they seem like they have a nice clean-cut shell.”

Link source: http://www.wtov9.com/news/news/father-speaks-out-after-child-injured/nDbX8/

JOIN THE EVENT HERE :- http://www.facebook.com/events/478652458868727/

Quote from kyhii’s father: ” On Feb 17,2011,Khylii suffered a severed Trama Blow to the Abdominal area to where, she ended up having a Large Hole In Her Stomach & was in Septic shock. She was taken by Ambulance From Her Mother’s Home & minutes later Life-Flighted to Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital to where she was taken to surgery then placed on life Support In ICU, She later would have 4 more Surgery’s while spending 3 weeks in a Coma She also had a feeding tube with a Breathing tube A Blood Transfusion, & many other Med’s & Treatments.CPS,& The Police Were Called in Right A Way To Look Into What Had Happened,Because To The Dr’s It Seemed SUSPICIOUS. About a Month later the Mother was charged with Abuse & Neglect,& Lost Her Custody of Her Children, but later acquitted of her charges due to lack of Evidence’s & As for the Live in Boyfriend He too was charged with Neglecting a Child & creating Substantial risk of serious bodly injury,He Was Placed On House Arrest but he would later take a Plea Deal of No Contest which He would only be put on 2 years of Probation (unsuppervise) But Before the Deal Could Be Taken His Charges were Dropped.There has NEVER EVEN BEEN A FULL CRIMINAL TRIAL? KHYLII ALMOST FACED DEATH & ALL ANYONE GOT WAS 6 MONTHS LOST OF CHILDREN!!!!! THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU CALL JUSTICE”

Current updates:

I asked :  “But, What I’m basically asking are what are the recent updates and how is khylii doing? If you don’t mind me asking sir, Just trying to help.”

Father :  “Ok Sure The Case Has Been Brushed under the Rug From The Start, Khylii is doing Good Now But Will Not Talk about it at all, I am The Only One KEEPIMG THE CASE ALIVE”
I asked:  “What about the mother?”
Father:  “She is yet to be Charged Crimaly”
I asked: “What are some current updates?”
Father:  “all the Mother Got Was She lost the kids for 6 Months, the Boyfriends charges were all dropped”
I asked:  My BIG question is, Where were you at the time this was happening to your daughter? How did you not notice this ?
Father: “O I made many call and reports to CPS wE Were going through a Diovorce ,I did not live with The Kids And My Wife when All This Took Place.I made Many Calles to CPS AND REPORTS”
He also told me :  “Well the case I believe is on hold for now,Its a Shame to say but As A Father I really Dont even Know Where The Case really Stands, I just Want JUSTICE FOR MY LITTLE GIRL,I STILL DONT EVEN KNOW WHY THIS HAPPENED TO MY LITTLE GIRL, OR EVEN WITCH ONE OF THEM DID IT, So like I tell everyone How can I move on?”
Later on he told me I could use the mother’s name and boyfriends notice that i’m not responsible for anything except for him giving me the names thanks. Notice these to names below are the people who where causing damage to this innocent young girl.
Mothers name: Amber Keffer Ward is her maden name.
Boyfriend:  Don Weekley
After reading all of this you think it’s right that the mother & the boyfriend get’s to just walk away basically and no justice is served? NO. Let’s help bring  justice for this young girl and her father, It’s sad only he is still keeping the case alive while the law seems to just blow it away, This shows you how bad the law is and corrupt. The father asked me to help this case be basically re-looked at and examined, So yes I did this in support for his 5 year old daughter and for him to get justice to something that should have been done back in 2011. So what I ask of you for those of you who are reading this is please help this young girl and her father into bringing JUSTICE to this case. Please share this around anywhere you can. Thank you for reading this and help support! #OpKhylii #OccupyWeirton
 There is also a support page the father has made for his young daughter the link is here : http://www.facebook.com/JusticeForKhylii
Also , You can follow more updates on twitter here : http://twitter.com/OpKhylii
It’s sad to say even a former CPS worker who used to work there was fired because of this particular case, Notice (Megan) is the former CPS agent.
Megan : I am a friend of mike Keffer. I was the CPS investigator when Khylii was injured. Ill tell u anything you want to know. CPS dropped the ball and when I questioned them about their decisions they fired me. Khylii had 2 other major injuries that CPS swept user the rug. In all 3, mom and Don were the common denominators.
Megan :  I know she had 2 previous horrible injuries that CPS never pinpointed who did it.

One was a huge laceration to the head (blamed on hitting her head off a TV stand at a daycare/babysitter). Next one was what they call ‘ear battle bruising’. It’s when someone cups their hands and bangs the ears. The eyes and face bruise. Blame that on daycare too; in fact, she was arrested but let go. Never did find out the truth. Her baby sister had a broken arm; mom said she fell from a swing. Then a few months later this horrible injury to her abdomen.
Sources: Mike keffer,Megan Reynolds,WTOV9

One Billion Rising Steubenville


One Billion Rising Steubenville – #OccupySteubenville #1BillionRising #OpRollRedRoll #JaneDoe – 2/14/13

I want to thank all of you who have been fighting for justice for #janedoe and supporting her, This event is for all #janedoes around the world please fight for what is right.

I also want to thank this supporter for spreading the love through steubenville.

I want to thank you for speaking it was very emotional for you but you stood up for what was right. He told his story about his daughter being raped and murdered and told them it’s not right you are very very brave thank you sir. #1billionrising #janedoe

News Center 7 #1billionrising #janedoe

News Center 7 #1billionrising #janedoe
Dancing & Support for #janedoes all over. Thank you One Billion Rising Steubenville.
Thank you for speaking, Jackie Hillyer
President at Ohio National Organization for Women. #1billionrising #janedoe
More support & Dancing for #janedoe.
Jefferson County Courthouse.
 Also please join this event, If you are a victim of sexual assault or know someone who is or you are a victim supporter I would love for you to join me in online event for One Billion Rising by just taking a moment and holding up paper with We are all #JaneDoe or write #JaneDoe on a post it or index card and leave them in public places ie a book you returned to Library on a table in the Drs office on the School information board or your local coffee shop anywhere at all, (Somewhere you wont get in trouble ) in an effort to bring more attention and awareness to #RapeCulture and to show support to victims and email it to wearealljanedoe@yahoo.com or post to event page and I will post it here and on Twitter with hashtag #JaneDoe. In solidarity with JaneDoes everywhere .
Also more information regarding the next rally is here:  Occupy Steubenville 3-13-13 – 3-15-13 GLOBAL SUPPORT FOR ALL RAPE VICTIMS #JaneDoe
WHERE: Jefferson County Courthouse

WHEN: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 11:00a.m.-1:00p.m.
Thursday, March 14, 2013 11:00a.m.-1:00p.m.
Friday, March 15, 2013 11:00a.m.-Verdict Reading

ATTIRE: March 13, 2013 Classy and professional, yet comfortable and mindful of the weather.
March 14, 2013 Dress according to the weather conditions.
March 15, 2013 Dress according to the weather conditions.

March 13, 2013 – This will be a SILENT OCCUPY. There will be NO sound system, NO microphones, NO music, and NO guest speaking. ALL attempts from anyone trying to set up equipment will be immediately shut down. WE must now give Lady Justice, who stands on top of the Jefferson County Courthouse, her chance to speak the VERDICT. In doing so, WE will allow our voices to become…SILENT. Only our signs and banners will speak what’s on our minds. Imagine…hundreds possibly thousands of masks, dressed up, remaining peaceful, while occupying in silence. This will be a MASSIVE Anonymous presence that will speak VOLUMES.

March 14, 2013 & March 15, 2013 – This will be a time of standing united, in our support of Jane Doe, with our Anonymous family. We will enjoy each other’s company and act like family.

This is YOUR chance to be creative and artistic in support for Jane Doe. Let your signs, banners, and shirts speak what’s on your mind. Be Creative. Be Positive. Make the statement that YOU want the world to READ. Imagery is worth a thousand words. Let us not forget that we are a peaceful people and we are here to respectfully and peacefully support Jane Doe. Regardless of the verdict…we will remain calm and we will remain peaceful.

Trial dates are subject to change, the dates and times listed are tentative. Please confirm all dates and times before making travel arrangements.


March 13-15, 2013

Join the event- http://www.facebook.com/events/558527114157815/