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Mike Keffer couldn’t stand looking at the pictures documenting his daughter Khylii’s stay at Children’s Hopsital in Pittsburgh.”Her scar basically runs from about a half inch above her belly button to both sides of her abdomen area,” said Keffer.The 3-year-old was taken to Children’s Hospital by medical helicopter on Feb. 17. She stayed there more than three weeks and endured surgery after surgery to fix a major hole in her stomach.”The surgeon said it had to be some kind of major trauma blow to the stomach area,” said Keffer. “They weren’t sure how it happened, but they said it was the largest hole that they’d seen.”Weirton police said they started an investigation after medical reports suggested the girl’s injuries were suspicious.The Hancock County grand jury indicted Donald R. Weekly II this week, charging him with child neglect causing serious bodily ingury. Prosecutors said Weekly was caring for Khylii when she was injured.”I’m really upset and I want justice,” said Keffer. “I’m just hopeful (Kyhlii) doesn’t remember most of this.”Keffer said his daughter, now recovered, became the center of a lesson learned the hard way.

“There were many situations that I knew about, and I made referrals to Child Protective Services in the past year, almost 20 referrals about situations going on. My kids having bruises,” said Keffer. “I just want awareness. You cannot trust someone just because they seem like they have a nice clean-cut shell.”

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Quote from kyhii’s father: ” On Feb 17,2011,Khylii suffered a severed Trama Blow to the Abdominal area to where, she ended up having a Large Hole In Her Stomach & was in Septic shock. She was taken by Ambulance From Her Mother’s Home & minutes later Life-Flighted to Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital to where she was taken to surgery then placed on life Support In ICU, She later would have 4 more Surgery’s while spending 3 weeks in a Coma She also had a feeding tube with a Breathing tube A Blood Transfusion, & many other Med’s & Treatments.CPS,& The Police Were Called in Right A Way To Look Into What Had Happened,Because To The Dr’s It Seemed SUSPICIOUS. About a Month later the Mother was charged with Abuse & Neglect,& Lost Her Custody of Her Children, but later acquitted of her charges due to lack of Evidence’s & As for the Live in Boyfriend He too was charged with Neglecting a Child & creating Substantial risk of serious bodly injury,He Was Placed On House Arrest but he would later take a Plea Deal of No Contest which He would only be put on 2 years of Probation (unsuppervise) But Before the Deal Could Be Taken His Charges were Dropped.There has NEVER EVEN BEEN A FULL CRIMINAL TRIAL? KHYLII ALMOST FACED DEATH & ALL ANYONE GOT WAS 6 MONTHS LOST OF CHILDREN!!!!! THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU CALL JUSTICE”

Current updates:

I asked :  “But, What I’m basically asking are what are the recent updates and how is khylii doing? If you don’t mind me asking sir, Just trying to help.”

Father :  “Ok Sure The Case Has Been Brushed under the Rug From The Start, Khylii is doing Good Now But Will Not Talk about it at all, I am The Only One KEEPIMG THE CASE ALIVE”
I asked:  “What about the mother?”
Father:  “She is yet to be Charged Crimaly”
I asked: “What are some current updates?”
Father:  “all the Mother Got Was She lost the kids for 6 Months, the Boyfriends charges were all dropped”
I asked:  My BIG question is, Where were you at the time this was happening to your daughter? How did you not notice this ?
Father: “O I made many call and reports to CPS wE Were going through a Diovorce ,I did not live with The Kids And My Wife when All This Took Place.I made Many Calles to CPS AND REPORTS”
He also told me :  “Well the case I believe is on hold for now,Its a Shame to say but As A Father I really Dont even Know Where The Case really Stands, I just Want JUSTICE FOR MY LITTLE GIRL,I STILL DONT EVEN KNOW WHY THIS HAPPENED TO MY LITTLE GIRL, OR EVEN WITCH ONE OF THEM DID IT, So like I tell everyone How can I move on?”
Later on he told me I could use the mother’s name and boyfriends notice that i’m not responsible for anything except for him giving me the names thanks. Notice these to names below are the people who where causing damage to this innocent young girl.
Mothers name: Amber Keffer Ward is her maden name.
Boyfriend:  Don Weekley
After reading all of this you think it’s right that the mother & the boyfriend get’s to just walk away basically and no justice is served? NO. Let’s help bring  justice for this young girl and her father, It’s sad only he is still keeping the case alive while the law seems to just blow it away, This shows you how bad the law is and corrupt. The father asked me to help this case be basically re-looked at and examined, So yes I did this in support for his 5 year old daughter and for him to get justice to something that should have been done back in 2011. So what I ask of you for those of you who are reading this is please help this young girl and her father into bringing JUSTICE to this case. Please share this around anywhere you can. Thank you for reading this and help support! #OpKhylii #OccupyWeirton
 There is also a support page the father has made for his young daughter the link is here :
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It’s sad to say even a former CPS worker who used to work there was fired because of this particular case, Notice (Megan) is the former CPS agent.
Megan : I am a friend of mike Keffer. I was the CPS investigator when Khylii was injured. Ill tell u anything you want to know. CPS dropped the ball and when I questioned them about their decisions they fired me. Khylii had 2 other major injuries that CPS swept user the rug. In all 3, mom and Don were the common denominators.
Megan :  I know she had 2 previous horrible injuries that CPS never pinpointed who did it.

One was a huge laceration to the head (blamed on hitting her head off a TV stand at a daycare/babysitter). Next one was what they call ‘ear battle bruising’. It’s when someone cups their hands and bangs the ears. The eyes and face bruise. Blame that on daycare too; in fact, she was arrested but let go. Never did find out the truth. Her baby sister had a broken arm; mom said she fell from a swing. Then a few months later this horrible injury to her abdomen.
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